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Pernilla & Freja

Appropriating industrial design and manufacturing processes to bespoke shoemaking.

Pernilla steps out of the traditional footwear context, blurring the lines between footwear and artefact. Grounded in a unique interpretation of architecture and sculpture, the collection is based on complex CadCam work and a labour intensive fabrication process using 3-axis milling machines.

The collection explores different manufacturing techniques and the notion of bespoke shoemaking is scrutinized. Instead of using a last or measuring the foot by hand, a 3D scanner is used to accurately map the contours of the foot. Each foot is then analysed using four variables: length, width, breadth at the toes and instep. The end result being a series of sophisticated and elegant sculptural bespoke forms made from different types of wood (Walnut, Sapele and Pear) that trace the silhouette form of the foot on the inside, diffusing its profile on the outside.

The collection has won the Eyes on Talents Award from International Talent Support 2013, Jimmy Choo MA Final Collection Award for Excellence 2012 from the Cordwainer’s Guild and was runner up for the MA Design Award for Best Collection in 2012 from the London College of Fashion.





Freja was produced and manufactured in collaboration with DuPont. Their innovative Corian material was used to clad the internal sections of CNC milled architectural foam to create seamless, wearable shoes. The shoes show off Corian’s new DeepColour Technology enabling the creation of dark solid surfaces which offer deeper, more intense and durable colour, improved wear performance and easier thermoforming, seaming and finishing.



A special thank you to my amazing team:

Corian: Philip Hutfield
Photographer: Victoria Zschommler (
Model: Yas Everley (
3D CadCam: Vijay at DotSan (
Collection photographs and portrait: Alejandro Cavallo (